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Defined Roles & Responsibilities - Divorce attorneys routinely like working with the Geni Manning Real Estate Group because we are very attorney friendly recognizing the importance of our specific role and also our ability to work with two - opposing counsel. We understand very clearly the separation of responsibility and are very careful to not interject our 'opinion' regarding a part of the proceeding that is outside our role as REALTOR. We demand the highest levels of professionalism from our team which translates to a very supportive and willing 'partner' to help facilitate a smooth divorce.

Communication - As a Realtor in a divorce situation we have a fiduciary responsibility to represent both parties equally, without bias and with complete objectivity - both are the sellers of the property and both our clients. We  understand and are prepared for the emotions that inevitably surface during the sale of marital property. Our goal is to work with attorneys for both parties equally and maintain communication of key milestones in the sales process. 

Experience - Our decades of experience in real estate in the DFW metroplex, as well as our experience in many divorce real estate cases. We are fully prepared and experienced to address all divorce real estate issues, both in state and out-of-state, residential and commercial, across the spectrum of net worth, prominence in their area be it sports, business, the arts or media, Our depth and breadth of experience provides us with the insight and business acumen to know how to many times identify potential situations before they become issues. Addressing each party's concerns in an informative and business-like manner helps to ensure that the parties focus on the important items rather than become derailed with emotional issues.


Extensive Network - We have business referral relationships with many attorneys including those that are members of our local National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) DFW Chapter that Geni is Director. Through this chapter and our experience we are able to assist divorcing couple at all income levels and in all situations to find an attorney that they trust with the experience for their specific situation.

If you desire a referral to an attorney in DFW or in any of the other 49 states, please contact us by completing the contact information below and indicate ATTORNEY REFERRAL NEEDED in the subject.  


Knowledge Isn’t That Expensive…
But The Power It Gives, Is Priceless!


In Geni's book, 'Surviving Divorce, Your House and Your Money', your clients will discover secrets that will make the divorce process much easier when selling their marital property and how to sell it fast, for top dollar. They will also learn their options when dividing their home: from the importance of pre-planning how to qualify for their next home, buy-out options if one spouse wants to stay, to decisions they must avoid that can lead to costly financial mistakes.


Why A 

Divorce Real Estate Specialist Matters!


When you’re going through a divorced home sale, you don’t want to hire just any agent. You need an expert who is knowledgeable of the court system and prepared to handle the challenges.

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