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The outcome of a divorce will very likely affect nearly every facet of your life and your family, which is why you should take every opportunity to strengthen your case. While your word in the courtroom can be powerful, the word of a professional adds further credibility. Utilizing expert witnesses in your case is one such opportunity and can build up your case substantially. The unfortunate situation is that divorce is undertaken within the justice system that is by design adversarial and that fueled by controversy. While steps have been taken to reduce the litigation in divorces with the Collaborative divorce process and expanded Mediation the fact remains that one cannot know well in advance what will be contested.

Geni Manning has provided expert witness testimony on numerous cases where property values were in dispute. Geni is your GO TO Expert whether for courtroom testimony or in a mediation. 



Realtor expert witnesses may be needed in cases involving property valuation, contract disputes, disclosure issues, zoning and land use, and other matters related to real estate transactions and practices.

Experts agree that the most common areas of disagreement in a contested divorce revolve around child custody and support, spousal support and the division of property. The latter area is our expertise and whether it is the marital home valuation, other property such as vacation homes or investment property are our bread and butter. We also have available the Professional Appraisers for high value art, jewelry, exotic and collectible vehicles, aircraft and other assets.

For example, if you're selling the marital home either by choice or court ordered, and spouses can’t agree on the sales price (either to market it or when receiving offers) a Realtor can give their expert opinion on the market value of the home and their opinion of the real estate market for why they should accept an offer received.

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An expert witness may be qualified as an expert based on knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education of the subject matter, more than simply common knowledge possessed by others in their field. The expert's qualifications must be established on the court record before the witness is asked to give opinions.

Understanding who you can use as an expert witness and how they can help in your divorce case can help you better prepare for this process. An expert witness can be any professional that offers a key perspective on the facts relevant to your divorce. Potential expert witnesses include:

  • Realtors

  • Lending Professionals

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrist

  • Economists

  • Accountants

  • Social workers

  • Pediatricians

Expert witnesses are those individuals who possess special or unique knowledge or information on a subject and are therefore often referred to as Subject Matter Experts.


The right expert witnesses has the power to make or break your case. Their testimony is often a crucial part of litigation strategy to help a judge  or jury better understand the facts of a case. An expert witness's testimony can mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

As above, the most commonly contested issues to be settled in a divorce are child custody and supportspousal support, and property division. In some cases, couples are able to come to agreements about these matters or a judge makes a decision because the situation is not too complex. However, circumstances exist where the couple adamantly disagrees on how to resolve things, or the case is so complicated that an array of factors need to be considered.

Expert witnesses come in to provide opinions on specific aspects of a divorce. These individuals have the specialized training, education, and experience to form assessments beyond that which the couple themselves, their lawyers or the court is qualified to assess. They can ensure that all relevant elements are accounted for to advise the court about what would be in the best interests of the child(ren) and then the couple . However, they do not  render judgments on how to resolve differences but only expert opinion and observation to aid the court in the decision-making process.

Geni Manning has experience as an expert witness and, whether the listing agent or not, may be asked by an attorney or judge to render her expert opinion on a number of real estate matters based on her broad experience, deep credentials and decades of knowledge regarding real estate and the DFW metroplex market. 



As Director of the DFW Metroplex Chapter of the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP), a Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) and as a qualified Subject Matter Expert in Real Estatproperty valuation, contract disputes, disclosure issues, and other matters related to residential real estate transactions and practices. This position and experience has placed me in contact with dozens of highly qualified experts and professionals in legal, financial (CPAs and forensic accountants), lenders and mortgage professionals as well as divorce therapists, child and adult psychologists and other mental health professionals, both locally and throughout the U.S., who accept divorce referrals.

We are all standing by to provide guidance, consultation or expert witness testimony in support of your case. Simply fill out the Request for a Referral and will respond quickly with the information you are requesting. Alternately, you can schedule a 15-minute Consultation to discuss your specific situation and goals, all with No Obligation. We are here to assist and help you through the difficult process of divorce.

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