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I know it’s heartbreaking to think you are losing your home that you made so many memories in and to think you are losing your hard-earned money in your equity is disturbing. Before, you read on, as a Certified Foreclosure and Short Sale Expert (SFR), I want to assure you that there is hope for a better ending than letting your home be foreclosed. 

Foreclosure has a very ominous, if not frightening, sound to it and it should. There is no "EASY" button to push to make it go away, no magic wand to wave or but there are options. The number of options you have to exercise depends on how quickly you contact us as soon as you are in DEFAULT - that's the trigger. The sooner you can get us to work for you the more options you will have and the more likely we can find way that can preserve some of your credit and maybe even some or all of your equity. 



A foreclosure is legal action by a mortgage lender to take control of a property that is in default. Borrowers facing foreclosure are often uncertain what their legal rights are and the long-term consequences of foreclosure.

Most borrowers that are facing financial difficulties are unaware that lenders are often willing to work with them. Lenders typically do not want your home—they are not in the real estate business! Many lenders will offer solutions like loan modifications to restructure the loan, deed in lieu of foreclosure or even a Short Sale, depending on the circumstances. The very worst thing a borrower facing foreclosure can do is ignore their lender.


When facing a foreclosure the biggest enemy is time! You cannot afford to wait as there are statutory time frames that the lender will use to their advantage.


As soon as you fall 60+ days past due on your mortgage you should speak to Geni Manning, Certified Foreclosure and Short Sale Expert, to explore your situation and evaluate your options.


The more time given to work with your lender the better chances for a favorable outcome for you and your family.

Let's book a 15 minute chat.

​No obligation.

I'm here to answer your questions.

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