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In a world in which hope can be a rare commodity, when people are living day-to-day, a divorce can destabilize even healthy and strong individuals. It is not uncommon for one, or even both, parties in a divorce to feel as though their life is out of control with things unraveling accompanied by a loss of hope and direction. 

Dealing with your world that was built for two and now is being rebuilt for one can be a very difficult task when drama is added that accompanies working and daily living.


Too often forgotten in our 'adult' world are the children who are frequently left to cope with their life turning upside down but with no skills to help them understand. Unfortunately, many times when left unaddressed in their world can cause long term emotional scars and traumas that carry into adulthood and may even result in them acting out their pain in damaging ways.

The affect of divorce on the children cannot be overlooked - even those at very young ages become aware of the absence of one parent and can often take on a form of blame for their being the reason that everything changed so drastically. These traumas can lead to many issues in adulthood that could be prevented by addressing them when the child was young.


The Behavioral Health and Mental Health professionals we have as part of our cadre of support members are fully trained and licensed professionals in their areas of expertise that include:

  • Couple and family therapy and marital counseling - if the couple wishes to pursue continuing the relationship

  • Child, adolescent and young adult counseling - particularly behavioral issues

  • Abuse & addiction counseling - anger management, substance, physical, emotional and mental counseling

  • Co-parenting counseling 

  • Senior divorce counseling and adjustment

  • Re-adjustment training for military spouses who have been separated for a long period

Refer to the Divorce Recovery page for additional resources and help for specific situations such as dealing with addictions, depression, anxiety, grief counseling and more.

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If you can't make an in person meeting with a mental health coach,

we have provided videos for you to watch.

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