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Rebecca Crabb-Dierksen
Senior Advocate 


For the past 6 years, Rebecca has been the Assistant Administrator and Business Development Director of a well known hospice company helping and educating families with Medicare & Medicaid benefits, end-of-life care, and housing/facility relocation. Seeing Rebecca’s passion and dedication to her clients, always going over and beyond her duties, is how we knew she would be a great fit with our clients as a strategic partner.

Recently, Rebecca has added more ‘senior solutions’ to her resume with long-term care insurance and retirement planning with New York Life Insurance Company. “It’s my calling. I’m so blessed and honored to help and educate families with end-of-life care and benefits.” 

With The Geni Manning Team, Rebecca Crabb-Dierkson and our other Senior strategic partners, we create a powerful combination for our clients.

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