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Get an instant offer: Your preliminary offer is backed by local real estate expertise and the most current market data.

Finalize your offer with a home assessmentWe will do a walk through your home and perform an audit of assessment and to provide an estimate of fair market value of your home.

Choose your close date: Close date is flexible and we can unlock funds for your new home quickly.

Skip the repairs: If repairs are needed, builder will as for a credit and deduct the costs from the price. You get to skip all the work and hassle plus you're assured that the repairs are satisfactory to the builder because they're responsible.

Close and get paid: We’ll help you coordinate closing so you avoid moving twice or paying two mortgages.

Move in to your new home: We're here every step of the way so you have the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your next chapter.

We have a number of contractors and developers that we work with and their specific programs vary somewhat so if you're interested in trading your existing home for a brand new home just give Geni Manning a call at 469-556-1185.

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