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Buy Before You Sell




We Have Eight Strategies - Here Are The First Four

1. Contingency Offer


This is the traditional way we have always handled this situation. We make a "Contingency Offer" allowing you to sell your existing home first within a specified period of time. Not only does this typically require additional funds, often times it is nonrefundable, and the contingency puts both parties at risk. Most seller's will reject this type of offer in a competitive 'Seller's Market,' making it an unrealistic strategy...It would be 'Dead-on-Arrival.   

2. Sell Fast For Cash

The 'Sell Fast for Cash' program is, in most cases, the best option for you to sell FAST, and with the least inconvenience of the selling process. This program can also be an option for a buyer wanting to purchase your home as an incentive. If a buyer has a home they need to sell first before buying yours, this is a good fix for both of you. 

In either case, we provide you with multiple ‘CASH’ offers on your home, break down all the contract terms of each offer, and show you side by side exactly how they compare to each other. This allows you to make the wisest decision based on your circumstances.

There are no showings, no open houses, no inspections, no repairs, and no appraisal! This removes all contingencies and delays from selling your home. This will make your transaction smoother and less stressful.

“As a home seller and buyer, you go with what is successful. That is why we are repeat customers of Geni Manning. We were going to take advantage of the 'Sell Fast for Cash' program Geni offers, but it turned out that we did not need it because she sold our house in six days, the traditional way! That’s why we chose her again to sell our current home, Geni is a great negotiator! She was able to get us much more than we expected from our builder on the home we’re building as well.” 

-- Neldon & Robbie Duhon 

3. Bridge Loan


Basically, this is an interim loan to purchase the new home until yours sells, where you don't have to put any money down. It’s a two-time closing. Once you sell your existing home the bridge loan is refinanced into a permanent mortgage.   

4. Flex Loan


This loan allows you to not have to refinance. You still have to put at least 5% down which can come from your 401-K, a home equity line of credit, or a gift from family or friends. However long it takes, once your house is sold, you can take that equity and put it into the new loan. Your payments will be re-amortized and usually it will remove the Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). 



5. Lease Out Your Existing Home


You must remove your mortgage payment in order that your Debt-to-Income ratio is acceptable to qualify. This may be done through a lease on your home. A tenant signs a lease agreement and puts down a deposit. This allows the tenant to make your payment on your current home. If you don't want to be a landlord and have a rental you can always have a short-term lease. 

6. Lease Buy-Out

Offering a lease buy-out to a potential buyer, not only accomplishes the benefits of a lease, it also brings you more opportunities to sell your house fast. You can also ask a higher price by giving a buyer the power to purchase your home now, instead of waiting until their lease is up. The buyer can take advantage of the lower interest rates, and they do not have to worry about losing out on your home due to another buyer making you an offer. The money a buyer saves from a point to a point and a half on a 30-year mortgage is significant--properly presented, this can be extremely attractive to a buyer. Of course, people want things NOW and this gives them another reason to make the move and buy your home. 

7. Lease Purchase


This option, also referred to as 'Rent to Own,' works similar to Seller Finance and Leasing your home. A buyer signs a Lease to Purchase Agreement and puts down a healthy deposit and earnest money. This will alleviate your Debt-to-Income ratio issue and give you some money for a down payment. Always consult an experienced Realtor or Attorney before signing any agreements.

8. Seller Financing


Even though you may not be getting all your equity at once you can at least get a large portion to cover your down payment -- at least a minimum of 20%. There are many benefits of Seller Financing (see our blog Benefits of Seller Financing). A few of them are:


  • Your home sells faster

  • You get a higher price

  • You get a big down payment

  • You have monthly income

  • You can get a higher interest rate

  • You do not have repairs like a landlord

  • You can have a short-term balloon note

  • You have stability and peace of mind 


Seller Financing is a great way to manage your asset and build wealth with less risk and difficulty than converting it to a rental. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why Seller Financing makes sense if you are able to offer this option. In our opinion, anything that allows you to extract more profit and passive income from a property is worth a closer look. 


If you have not considered this approach before, it might be time to give it some serious thought. Geni Manning has sold one of her personal homes by ‘Seller Financing,' along with helping other clients as well.

"Geni Manning is by far the MOST knowledge, professional, and sincere real estate agent I know! She is a seasoned Realtor who has earned the respect and loyalty of not only the Dallas/Fort Worth home buyers and sellers, but her industry colleagues as well. Geni’s knowledge in every aspect of the real estate market was invaluable to me this year when I sold an investment property and did my first ‘Seller Financing’—an idea Geni brought up that I had not even thought about and one of the smartest decisions I have made. I was so grateful to have her experience every step of the way and cannot recommend her highly enough!! You will not be disappointed. You are in good hands regardless your needs!!”

-- Linda Churchwell, Author & Speaker 


If you find yourself wanting to sell but you can't without selling your current home, we're here to help! No matter which option you choose, we provide a No Obligation / No Cost Consultation to discuss your specific situation and goals. 

Geni Manning is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Realtors in the DFW Metroplex and has been helping clients buy and sell homes in the DFW in the toughest markets for decades.

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