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Celebrity's seem larger than life and it is easy to forget that they have dreams, and loves, and lives to live like the rest of us, although on a different scale. A divorce impacts celebrities and their families emotionally and financially as well. This is why the divorce services to celebrities is so important - they are real people too!

Spending so much of their time in the world of drama and hyperbole it can be difficult for anyone to detune their lives to reach a more normal level - this is where we come in with our team of specialists to assist attorneys, financial experts and behavioral specialists.  The tide has begun to turn among many high-profile divorces as couples are opting for a more gentile process in lieu of the paparazzi, lights and drama. Oh, make no mistake, there is still plenty of drama with some but the examples of even Hollywood elite that divorce quietly is on the rise.

Whether you are a celebrity, want to protect yourself or children from the process, or are a business owner and do not want trade secrets open to court scrutiny or a potential dissolution of assets to threaten the solvency of the business, there are various reasons why parties do not want their personal and business affairs divulged in court.  

In Texas, there are several alternatives to the typical litigation approach that can help keep the parties’ disputes out of the public court.

Collaborative Divorce

Although relatively new, this alternative to the adverarial divorce process is becoming more popular in the States and in Texas. It is not for everyone, but it is something to consider as it keeps you out of long Court battles.

Here are the basics of Collaborative Divorce in Texas. As typically conducted under Texas law, both spouses are represented by their own attorney to assist them. Collaborative divorce allows a couple the privacy to negotiate and work through conflicts without the high-stress environment of a courtroom. The goal of collaborative divorce focuses on communication and honesty. The background work of obtaining a statement of assets, selling marital property and division of equity is still conducted but done quietly without the pressure that can occur in many high-profile divorces.


Texas divorce mediation involves both parties meeting with a mediator, both separately and lastly together, to communicate and negotiate the terms of their divorce. Their role is to help the two of you come to an agreement about important issues in your divorce, such as how to divide property. The report of the mediator is often forwarded to the judge and if attorneys are involved both concur. This streamlines the process and may not even require a hearing with attorneys which minimizes the publicity of the divorce.

Collaborative divorce and voluntary mediation (as opposed to court-ordered mediation) are growing trends among many high net worth couples, particularly those that choose to keep their private life private, at least as much as possible. Additional information on Collaborative Divorce and Mediation is available here. 


Managing Celebrity Divorces

As a REALTOR, the key parameters are the same in a celebrity divorce marital property sale as in any other high-net worth or high-profile situation - minimize interruptions to the family, sell for the highest price, maintain privacy and confidentiality accomplishing it all as quickly as possible. When both couples are cooperative and there is minimal drama things go smoothly; however, should one party become disruptive to  the process the effort becomes significantly more complex and complicated.

Our goal is to work with both parties and attorneys, financial advisors and behavior health specialists to keep the process moving forward respectably and in concert with the progress of the divorce.  Our team of specialists are able to manage high net worth, celebrity, professional sports, high-profile business people and other complex divorce situations while maintaining their privacy and confidentiality.                                                  

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