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Tencia Ruiz
Senior Lifestyle Consultant

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Tencia's understanding of the real estate industry, her experience as a bank escrow officer and loan officer, combined with her passion for seniors, has made her the perfect choice to be our ‘Senior Advocate’ and personal concierge for our clients. Tencia’s role produces a unique relationship between us and your loved ones.


Tencia works with our Team as a Senior Lifestyle Consultant, helping with relocation and all aspects of transitioning with life changes. She also assists with our Senior Advocate Services’ program making the seniors' new residence feel like home.

Before joining our Team, Tencia worked for the Dallas School District for 16 years, and was a Banker for 14 years before obtaining her degree in Child Development and starting a childcare business. Her passion for helping those that cannot help themselves then led her to become an Advocate for Seniors' which she enjoys today.

It all started with her going to real estate school to get her license when she landed a job assisting a local real estate agent as her personal assistant. Over her nine year tenure, her boss unfortunately was diagnosed with Dementia and then Alzheimer's before she passed. Tencia was there through all her untimely and challenging lifestyle changes which caused her passion and understanding for seniors to grow.

Today she assists our seniors with simple daily tasks, such as taking them grocery shopping, to more direct responsibilities such as overseeing financial affairs and health care issues.

Tencia started the ‘Bringing Smiles’ program with her grand-daughter Maddie, by taking flowers and visiting seniors at nursing homes and rehab centers. “Too much of the time, I see many seniors being pushed aside, often forgotten, and devalued. However, I see there is much wisdom to learn from them. Maddie and I love making the elderly laugh and enjoy seeing the smiles that come from the attention and flowers we bring.

On A Personal Note: Tencia’s love for our country has led her traveling around the world with two children as a military wife for 17 years, and living in Europe for six years before returning to the states. She is fluent in Spanish, loves animals and lives in Denton County.  

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