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Geni Manning

-Pre, During, and Post Divorce-
Expert Advice. Real Solutions.

Certified Divorce Specialist 

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She's not just another

real estate agent... 

  • Geni will safely guide you through all stages of your divorce, educating you of your rights, and fight to get what you deserve!


  • She will walk side by side with you during the entire transition, coaching you how to adjust to your new life.

  • Geni's passion and enthusiastic spirit will make sure you not only survive this journey, but will cheer you on to thrive in the end! 

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My Story.  My Mission.

For decades, I’ve turned around the lives of countless people who, like you, no longer wanted to waste time and money on things that don’t work and only cause more stress.

How you might ask? I learned a lot when I was in your shoes. Yes, I’ve experienced divorce personally. As a child I experienced my parents breakup, life without a father, and a mother who struggled to support four daughters without child support--it was not easy to watch or live through! As an adult I experienced my own divorces. I personally know and understand the sadness the entire family feels when this happens. Everyone is devastated that the family is divided; a dream marriage ends, and kids are forced to feel emotions and make decisions that only an adult should have to make, and some decisions they have no say in.


I know what it’s like to go through a high conflict divorce, a lengthy and stressful court trial then after 16 months, forced to change attorneys. I know the financial devastation of paying $65,000 to get the divorce finalized and still lose half of everything I own; my business equity, my home's equity, and my life savings.  I know the humiliation of being forced to sell my home and losing half of everything in it and forced to downsize into another house that didn't feel like home. I understand the fear that comes from the financial burden after the division of your assets. Unfortunately, I learned quickly how the complicated legal process and court system can drain you financially and emotionally. It was all heartbreaking and difficult at the time.

However, through it all, I learned valuable lessons about divorce which is why I want to help you. I learned what type of attorney and legal counsel can be most advantageous to my clients and their situation.  I gained understanding which financial and mental health professionals can help relieve your stress so you can move forward easier.

But more importantly, I learned through my faith how you can forgive, let go of the anger, bitterness, and frustration and put the past behind you. The result made me stronger and wiser, allowing me to live a healthy, positive new life with a bright future.

Through my journey, I gained a deeper awareness of how someone like you may need a compassionate Realtor who will listen to you, encourage and be patient with the complex issues that may arise. Someone who understands what you're going through and your family’s situation. 

Lastly, I have learned, you will need an advocate who is on your side, with the knowledge and resources for every stage of this life change. Today, through my own experiences and my clients, I’m one of Texas’ leading Certified Divorce Specialists (CDS®), with a mission to help individuals going through divorce by serving as their Coach, Challenger and Cheerleader during this difficult process.

To better serve you, I have partnered with The National Association Of Divorce Professional which has connected four major industries: Legal, Financial, Mental Health, and Residential. These connections allow me to collaborate with like-minded professionals who care about the wellbeing of divorcing couples and offer the resources you will need. 

It is my privilege to be a voice of reason and provide some sort of peace during your life’s most trying moments. My commitment to you is not only to facilitate the sale of your marital property or the purchase of another, but to also support you emotionally and practically as you transition into the next phase of your life.


I'm confident, you will see that my knowledge, success stories, and resources will provide a meaningful service to you. You’ve nothing to lose except your current dissatisfaction.

Here to serve,

Geni Manning

Let's book a 15 minute chat. 

No obligation.

I'm here to answer your questions.

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Don’t let your divorce wipe out all the

equity you built in your home’s value!

You and your spouse built your hard earned equity over the years and I will preserve it for you both, no matter what the divorce is about.


The equity you have is for your family - it’s not intended to lose from divorce expenses or from a buyer that wants a discount because of your unfortunate circumstance. I will fight for you to make sure that doesn't happen!

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Remove the Fear, Learn the FACTS,

Whether You Keep the House or Not!



Selling your home shouldn't be stressful. Let us handle the process for you.



Whether it's your first or second time, buying a home should be done right.

In 'Surviving Divorce, Your House and Your Money', Geni Manning unpacks 225 pages worth of industry secrets that will protect you and your rights while making the divorce process much easier. As a Seller, you will learn all your options when dividing the marital property, staging tips, pricing and marketing strategies that will bring multiple offers and the best price. 


As a Buyer, you will learn the importance of pre-planning so you will qualify to buy your next home and protect your credit rating.  In both scenarios, you will learn negotiation strategies and decisions to avoid that can lead to costly financial mistakes. You will also discover some basics of Texas Family Law.

Best Strategies To 

Sell & Buy Your Next Home

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Geni Manning is a former builder and interior designer, and now an accomplished Realtor with a proven track record of untangling the legal, financial and emotional ties of selling her client's homes. She has been a recognized leader in the real estate industry in North Texas for four decades, and has been featured in magazines: Texas Realtor, Plano Profile, and D Magazine. Geni was named '2023 Frisco's Business Person Of The Year,' has earned the top 14 national real estate designations, a popular guest on radio as a real estate expert, and a featured speaker at community events. Simply put, Geni is a ‘Master of Residential Real Estate.’




CALL GENI @ 469-556-1185

Need Help Determining Your Next Step? 

 Contact Geni at 469-556-1185 or use Contact Form for a FREE Consultation.


Too many Realtors treat all real estate transactions the same. That’s where we're different. We focus on the people! Every divorce has different circumstances and the family dynamics are different from a 'traditional' transaction. It cannot simply be about buying and selling properties.


Divorce demands specialized knowledge, understanding of the legal processes, and empathy for the divorcing couple. We are committed to helping our clients see a brighter future.

LET US help you fit
the pieces together

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Your greatest challenge is not knowing how all the pieces of the divorce puzzle fit together. One of the key factors to a smoother life transition is knowing all your options and pre-planning. That's where we come in.


Often couples focus on the issues at hand, and forget there is life after divorce that needs to be considered before your divorce is finalized. 

Understanding the facts and effects of divorce laws, tax rules, division of real estate, mortgage finance and other investments fitting together will lead to better decisions and lessen the fear factor of the unknown. This is why expert guidance and early planning is essential and will help preserve your homeownership eligibility!!



Trusted Professionals

Whether real estate, legal, financial or mental health counselors, we provide straightforward, empathetic and reliable advice to protect your family, future and finances.

Simplifying The Process

We strive to reduce the stress and anxiety divorce creates for our clients by providing all the information needed in each situation so they can make informed decisions.

Tailored Solutions

Our experienced Divorce Specialists take pride in using intelligent and creative strategies with solutions for each person in the family.

Proven Track Record

We have proven track record of successfully handling divorce cases with clients who have provided Five Star Reviews.

Empowering Your New Beginning

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Success Stories

Geni has used her unique knowledge and experience to

produce amazing results for many clients…

and it has people talking.


DON'T GO it alone 


  • Are you feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the best way forward?

  • Are you in an unfamiliar place, facing a myriad of life-changes? 

  • Get your answers and guidance from someone you can trust.

My goal is to help you navigate through the complex and challenging divorce process.

Whether I act solely as your Realtor or bring in our affiliate Certified Divorce Specialists (CDS®), you can rest assured you will be in good hands with all your needs. 


Making your first call is the hardest.

We can take it from there.

CALL 469-556-1185

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