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Are you tired of wasting time and money in finding quality professionals to get you through your divorce?  We understand your frustration and care about your wellbeing. 


For your benefit, I have joined The National Association Of Divorce Professionals (NADP) to form valuable partnerships and strategic alliances with other vetted professionals to cover every aspect of the divorce process for you. Our members have expanded their business approach in understanding the entire divorce process to better serve you. NADP provides holistic divorce specific education, in all four major industries, adding tremendous value to your overall divorce experience! Through this education and collaboration, we can better advise you during this very difficult time.

As the Director of the DFW Chapter, I'm proud to be associated with NADP and provide these resources to make your divorce process much smoother. Let's book a 15 minute chat. No obligation.

Here to serve you!

Geni Manning

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divorce professionALs TO SERVE YOU. 


Divorce can be complex involving many legal issues including but not limited to selling the home, dividing a business, immigration status, estate planning, domestic violence, filing bankruptcy, and tax implications. Whether you have a simple filing or a much more complicated divorce case, you will need the right legal resources to successfully get through the divorce process. Below are the vetted professionals we provide for you:

  • Attorneys practicing in: Family Law, Real Estate, Will & Estate Planning, Tax Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Immigration, Adoption, Elder Law, Corporate/Business Law, Reproductive Law, Collaborative Attorney (Non-Litigation)

  • Legal Document Preparer / Paralegal

  • Mediator

  • Private Investigator


All divorces involve the distribution of assets & liabilities. One small financial decision can affect the entire process. Whether it is the filing of taxes, business valuations, wealth management, or forensic accounting, arm yourself with the right team and information to be successful. Below are the vetted financial professionals we provide:

  • Bank Professional

  • Bookkeeper/Financial Organizer (Specializing in Divorce)

  • Financial Advisor/Planner/Analyst/Wealth Manager

  • Business Valuator

  • Certified Public Accountant



70% of all divorces involve the sale of real property. The home is often a couples largest asset both financially and emotionally. Selling, renting and/or buying a home due to divorce can cause extreme stress and delays in the process unless the right professionals are working together. Below are the vetted real estate professionals we provide:

  • Residential / Commercial Real Estate Agent/Broker

  • Insurance Agent (Specializing in Property and Casualty Insurance)

  • Jewelry, Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage & High Value Car Appraiser

  • Estate Sales & Auctioneer

  • Mortgage Broker/Lender

  • Property Appraiser

  • Title Escrow Agent

  • Professional Organizer

mental health

All aspects of the divorce process lead to a great deal of stress that can easily overwhelm and directly affect the decisions your clients make. Regardless of what stage they are at, the more mental health support your client has, the easier it will be for you to navigate them through this challenging transition.

  • Behavioral & Mental Health Professionals Specializing in:

    • Children & Families

    • Adults & Couples

  • Psychiatrists & Therapists Specializing in:

    • Children

    • Adults

  • Career Coach - Counseling for Workforce Re-entry 

  • Life Coaches Specializing in Divorce 

  • Divorce Coach 



Trusted Professionals

Whether real estate, legal, financial or mental health advisors, we provide straightforward, empathetic and reliable advice to protect your family, future and finances.

Simplifying The Process

We strive to reduce the stress and anxiety divorce creates for our clients by providing all the information needed in each situation so they can make informed decisions.

Tailored Solutions

Our experienced Divorce Specialists take pride in using intelligent and creative strategies with solutions for each person in the family.

Proven Track Record

We have proven track record of successfully handling divorce cases with clients who have provided Five Star Reviews.

Empowering Your New Beginning

MORE benefits OF USING



NADP provides monthly educational workshops for our professionals. Each industry segments are all moving at a lightning pace and keeping up can be a burden. NADP lightens that burden and helps our members stay one step ahead of the ever changing laws to protect you.





NADP provides national and local professionals that are vetted and who collaborate with an elite group you can trust.  Our group of professionals are among the best in their industry—knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated to their clients.

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divorce specialist 



NADP adds an extra amount of value and credibility for you, with an extensive industry Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) program to their members. 


This comprehensive training for professionals in various industries provide better services for their divorcing clients. CDS® are equipped with valuable divorce-specific information and a customized communications skillsets to work with and collaborate in low and high conflict divorce cases.  

We understand you want objective and competent counsel. Our trusted Divorce Experts will share new possibilities you may not have considered and set realistic expectations for you. ​We will provide you with transparent assessments of your situation, and solutions tailored for you and your family.



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